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Talking Success

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

“The only definition of success a man should pursuit, is his very own.” I came up with this sentence, a few weeks ago, and it seems to describe very well my personal view of how success could be defined… An unexpected phone call taught me a great deal in terms of perceptions.

My newly single friend called me after leaving behind a good guy whom she loved but couldn’t provide the life she was hoping for. In addition to feeling hurt, she felt like she wasn’t going anywhere with her life. At this specific moment, her overall assessment of her life was making her feel like a failure.

Like any normal break-up goes, she was questioning her entire life and kept on comparing herself to the people around her. She was then, convinced, that this was a huge step back and that the word success what an antonym to her life.

During our conversation, she mentioned that I seemed to be so happy and doing good for myself, that my life seemed fun, and was asking about it. She was right, I was happy and enjoying my life.

The reason why I borrowed that piece of our lives was to show how much of an impact perception may have. I did not possess any item that seemed to compose her definition of success, yet I was giving her the impression that I was fulfilled with my life.

She then realized that what made me look successful in her eyes was the day to day feeling of happiness I seemed to have. A few months have passed since then and she got into reassessing her definition of success. My friend is doing amazing as we speak, and we are both thankful for that great conversation!

What is your definition of success?

With an extra dose of happiness,

Ashley, xx

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