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Destination Unknown

Life has made me realize that for the most part, good actions, lead to good reactions, that goodwill is always rewarding, and that kindness, is an asset. A particular sequence of events I’ve experienced in 2019, have taught me a great deal in this regard.

Montreal – Miami – Buenos Aires, was my itinerary. I had a very tight connection for my second flight, the ETA kept on being pushed back, and my stress level was way up high. The passengers beside me, a senior lady and a teenage boy were having an abnormally loud chat and were adding a layer to the not so calm mood I was in. I couldn’t wait to get to Miami and try my best to make it to my next flight.

When we finally reached the gate, it was game on time for me, but life, had other plans. I heard a gasp while stepping out of the plane, turned around, and found out that the chatty lady I was beside was headed straight to the floor. As I caught her, I immediately felt that life had me assigned to the duty of making sure that lady was looked after and told myself: “there’s no way you’ll make it.”

As I was carrying her bag and holding her, I thought that if we had a chance to make it, I would catch it. I changed my attitude and decided it was doable. Her connection was even shorter than mine, she didn’t know where she had to go and couldn’t speak a word of English. I turned into her guide, translator and interpreter. Game plan 2.0 was on.

We unexpectedly managed to make it through the luggage check point very quickly, and were headed to customs, I had hope. When we got there, I wasn’t so sure anymore, the line-up was h-u-g-e. I turned on my “resourceful mode”, located an employee, and asked if there was any way to speed up the process due to our short connections. He said he couldn’t do anything; I couldn’t believe it.

While translating the bad news to my fellow traveler, the man I had talked to came back. He told me, since she was a senior that she could pass, but not I…I explained I had been assisting her through the airport and that she needed me, much to my surprise, so did I. He accepted! We passed the entire line up, went through customs together and felt like we still had a chance!

On the sky train ride toward our terminal, we enjoyed a short rest, and looked at each other. She said to me that I was an angel, that without me she would have never made it there. I looked at her and said we were quite the pair. I secretly felt grateful for that that rubbery floor who threatened to make her fall a bit earlier; we had to meet.

We both made it to our flights that day; without one another we wouldn’t have made it at all. What a great adventure and oh, how good did It make me feel. Choosing to serve turned out to be the gateway to my destination. That trip thankfully didn’t turn into a fall, but I can say, that lady landed perfectly!

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” – Dalai Lama

With an altitude of gratitude,

Ashley, xx

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