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A dip within

It was the early evening; I had fixed a time at which I would arrive at my friend’s place. I got into my car, a bit tight on time; I tried not to rush myself, to think safety first but still, there was sense of urgency within me. I started driving, started thinking and assessing which way would be the shortest. I took a left turn, I drove, and noticed a train passing by ahead. Had I taken the wrong turn?

I stopped the car, and since my better option was to settle and enjoy the sun, I waited. There was no need to be agitated, life was giving me a break, and there was no way to escape. As I was gazing at the sun, I thought, “god I miss traveling, if only I could go on a trip right now...” Then, the train started to slowly back up, I had never seen that before. It didn’t matter, I had all the time in the world; I was daydreaming anyways…

That was yesterday; I had a fine evening, and a fine day today. I did a bunch of things and I ended up realizing something in an unexpected way. As I was chatting with a friend of mine, almost a globe away, I found myself taking a turn into the lane of my personal growth journey; I heard myself say: “ It seems like I’ve been traveling within me those days”.

I was already on a trip; I was discovering, unraveling, exploring, within me. Could this represent the most underrated trip someone would ever go on? Getting to truly know yourself, getting to understand the complexity of each though, the beauty of who we are? Maybe I thought, and since it was the only journey, I was allowed to go on, I was in.

The opportunity to explore every part of me was graciously offered to me. Ready or not, I figured that once I’d explore the within, I could get out and really feel the limits. As Lao Tzu said: “ The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I took a step. The love I have for traveling, learning, and trying, made me keen to understand myself and make the most of it.

Could it be worth it, to get down there? Could this mean, I could have the chance to come out as a deeper being, maybe get to earn a better living, become more aware of my surroundings, and clarify what I seek out of traveling? I don’t know yet; I will explore, journal, think, and maybe share about the treasures I find in the cavern of my own being.

We often dream of the great outdoors. I believe, we could enjoy it a bit more once we get in the depth of our own indoor.

With optimism,

Ashley, xx

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