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Pre-loved Love

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

I believe love is a feeling that has a very personal meaning to every one of us. It is highly variable, can’t be measured nor can it be discussed. I have noticed that some types of love could survive in unexpected ways. For instance, still feeling love for your long-time ex, and sensing it will keep on being present for a very long time.

This kind of love exists in my life and I found peace with it. I am not talking about having butterflies and actually wanting to get back together with those few specific individuals whom we once felt in love with. Yet, we might feel they still occupy a space in our hearts, a spot that is theirs to be.

I find it is precious to keep fond memories of moments that have once been our mighty fine present, of feelings, and times that have been gifted and allowed us to feel joyful. It would be such a waste to force ourselves into forgetting what shouldn’t be forgotten, because when they happened, they were real, and they meant something.

I also believe those memories represent a part of our story and brought us to where we are today. Of course, since the word ex means we are no longer together, the break-up part might remind us of a difficult time, but hey, once water under the bridge has passed, the good times should be the ones we fish out of our minds.

I felt like sharing this today because I think some people believe it’s not okay to feel that way; let’s remind ourselves that it once has been love, it once has been beautiful, and we have the right to look back and give ourselves the permission to smile at times.

Those thoughts belong to us, we do not have to share them with our present partners neither do we have to keep in touch with our former lovers. Yet, we can accept that so it is, that they’ve been a part of our life and that they might always be.

Let’s keep it light, honour our right to feel, and move along with it!

With love,

Ashley xx

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