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Mom! Look at me!

Kids are often searching for their parents’ praise or approval. To a kid, a parent is the absolute truth, the ultimate wisdom, the only possible option. I can picture myself as a little girl, dancing, singing, or doing stunts, and whenever I felt like I ‘mastered’ something, I was in need for my parents’ attention.

A few years have gone by, I am now 30, and I find myself, a bit older, a bit wiser, and still, in need for someone to watch my ‘stunts’. Each time I have an insight, finish a project, make an interesting meet, or feel like I came up with something good, I must share it.

I’ve noticed that this childhood behavior was still present in my life when I started writing blogs. I found myself investing much time trying to carefully integrate my thoughts and values into each piece of writing. It became paramount to choose the right words and to underline my intentions. As a bit of myself lied in each paragraph, a need for validation emerged.

At first, I was thinking: “who am I to share all this?” Was it even meant to inspire anyone? I found myself calling my dearest friends and asked them if I could bug them and read what I had written. I was lucky enough to have great people around me who genuinely showed interest for my request.

The fact that they give me their attention and share their opinion, is a priceless gift for me, since they don’t have to, but they want to. This process has helped me boosting my writing confidence, and through their ‘approval’, I felt the right to share my insights.

When I finish a blog, I am still seeking my friends’ tap in the back, and if it doesn’t pass their test, I must perfect it. Every time I get to read a piece of my writing to a special person in my life, I can picture myself, feeling the satisfaction of a little girl, asking for their parents to look at her.

Let me highlight, that sharing is caring, and remind you to cheer up the child within!

With appreciation,

Ashley xx

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