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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

"Inner compass" Lately, a friend of mine and I explored the idea of owning a life-compass, a tool that would decide which turn we’d have to make, which direction we’d have to take. Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass was mentioned and we both were thinking oh how we would love to own one of those!

What if the basic human model was equipped with such a treasure? I believe indeed, it is already within us and from that feeling has emerged my inner-compass vision. What if we had the ability to be aligned with our own magnetic field, could we simply sync in and let this powerful characteristic of ours guide us?

Intuition, inner voice, gut feeling, or anything you’d like to call it, could those precious internal signals represent this coveted compass? I personally thing we were given the innate power to sense what’s good and what’s bad, to know when to say yes or no and to make decisions that are agreeing with our natural instinct.

Following our intuition might sound hard at times; our highly emotion driven decision making process tends to drop what’s logical aside, and along with all the influences and road bumps we come across, the maps can seem blurred sometimes. Although, I believe a few simple steps can realign our inner magnetic fields, something as simple as checking in with ourselves before taking any decision.

It’s worth the shot to stop and ask ourselves: How do I really feel about that? How comfortable am I with this? Is this for me? It’s tough to discard society’s pressure, do’s and don’ts, especially when it’s time to decide, but really, it’s not society that will have to live with the consequences of your actions, it’s you.

I encourage you to toss the neighbor’s thoughts, to question the motivations behind your actions, to pay attention to this precious gift you all have, your very own inner compass!

Activate your GPS, and make sure you like the destination where you’re headed!

With love,

Ashley xx

"Pirate compass"

Ancient middle eastern travelers used the north star to navigate out of unfamiliar land and stay “true north.” In the modern vernacular, the term “true north” has been synonymous with staying on track in life. It is a platitude that is widely acknowledged as conventional wisdom when used in a positive context.

Not to play semantics, but how did those eastern travelers even know what they wanted was north? And In the modern context, how can you be sure that whatever you pursue is deemed true north?

The truth is, most of our compasses or stars we follow, may indeed point north, but not the north that is right for us. Instead, they point north for someone else’s compass.

Enter Jack Sparrow, the famed Pirate of the 7 seas who is infamous for his wit and always getting what he wants. Some may draw this up to luck, but more astute viewers may see the truth - Jack knows what he wants, and because he knows what he wants the universe gets out of his way.

Like any Pirate worth his rum, Jack has a compass. However, this compass is not like the aforementioned one. Oh no, this compass has a magic element to it: it points you in the direction of the thing you want most. In the second movie, Dead Mans Chest, many other characters are seen holding the compass, only to see the needle spin furiously. It only works for those who know what they want. In one scene, Jack hilariously opens the compass, only for it to spin, so he opens and closes it multiple times until he can focus on what he truly wants.

Think of the compass-like the people, opportunities, and tools in your life. They only work for you when you know what you want. Jack wanted the freedom to sail the seas, unencumbered and plunder every free port.

What do you want?

Akeem Brown

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