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#10daysof2020 Reason 9- I became the 'notebook girl'

With university and my new reader status, 2020 has to be the year in which I wrote and read the most. I mean, so much, I’ve managed to upgrade my memory skills! For some people this might sound like enough, even too much, well, not for me. Rumor had it, writing was a powerful tool, especially in the arts of visualization & self-development…

Journaling became my Covid-hobby. Any idea became a good enough reason to deserve its own notebook. I had been thinking about writing before, but always managed to find some excuse not to do so. Those days are over, it is now a part of my life and I love it. Personal goals, finances, self-development, and nightstand journal are some of the different themes I like writing about.

It helped me position myself into my life. I took a step back and assessed where I was. It also allowed me to paint a clear picture of what I wanted for the future and to keep track of my evolution. It became a stress-reliever, a meditation in itself. It is a great plus for me, since I don’t have to stock all the multiple ideas and aspirations, I have in my brain anymore. Once well established and organized, I couldn’t forget anything. It was always sitting there, waiting for me to look into it.

My absolute favorite was created while I was watching a great movie on Netflix. A specific line was so beautiful, I had to stand up and write it on a piece of paper. I then thought, why wouldn’t I start writing all the phrases, quotes & sayings that I find powerful and deeply moving in a notebook? Once a few pages were filled, I started reading a page a day at bedtime, this was always easing me into the most beautiful dreamy-sleepy mood.

I also experienced tons of quality time with myself this year. I invested it wisely and practiced introspection. I noticed that a lot of things I believed in or did were motivated by the rules of society and that I didn’t agree with them all. I asked myself important questions, challenged pre-conceived ideas I had, in other words, I pretty much assessed my whole life. I realized that I needed to break some structures and build them back, only this time, up to my own standards.

All the peace of mind I have experienced while not working this year gave me the liberty to fill my days with all the things, I couldn’t find the time for. So much beauty has entered my life and I now know that what I want, is always to make sure I keep time for myself. I will, from now on, do everything I can to make my life a piece of cake. My priorities have changed; life means so much more than what it used to. I have a purpose, and I will be walking toward that direction from now on.

Thanks to my discovery, thank you, 2020,

With love and peace of mind,

Ashley xx

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