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#10daysof2020 Reason 8- Through difficulty I found creativity

I always loved making connections. My job as a server was providing me the joy of working with a team, to interact with a wide variety of people, and was taking the majority of my time. My income was allowing me not to worry too much about the grocery bill or the price of a bottle of wine when I felt like it; I wasn’t too worried about money. Never would I have imagined experiencing such a life shift this year.

First thing I know, I’m home alone, my salary drops from half, and of course my bills didn’t bother to do the same! I was facing a new reality and I didn’t know where I was headed. I could have taken a turn onto "let’s just be depressed" avenue, but since it has never been the road I like to travel on, I decided to let my creativity lead the way.

I had no other option than making a bargain hunter of myself and the Reebee app (where you can browse through the local flyers), soon became my favorite one! I made the full inventory of the food I had and decided I would try to work around what was already there. Since cooking is a passion of mine, it felt like a game; exploring new ideas was fun, and great flavors have emerged!

Not working, also freed pretty much all of my time. Keeping a life routine was a priority and I started filling my days with productivity. Luckily, the list of ideas and projects I wanted to undertake was long and I was stoked to finally get the time to start some up! My days were just great: morning runs, workouts, yoga routines, Italian studying sessions & cooking… What more could I ask for? I had a blast and got so much done, which was very satisfying.

All fun times at first, but after a while, the night would bring boredom along, and I’ve had some lonely nights, which were not the best ones. I decided to quit feeling alone and to be together with myself instead. I filled the blanks with online trivia games, amazing audio books, self-care moments, Zoom sessions with friends and fun experiments! I might also have watched dirty dancing on Netflix a few, well, many times… Haha

You see, writing this makes me realize that I turned discomfort into inspiration, that difficulties came with possibilities, and that blessings can be found in everything… This year, I re-assed my consumption habits, I second guessed my priorities, became more reasonable and resourceful. In the end, having less made me so much more appreciative of what I already had.

2020 has made me stronger, it taught me that happiness was created inwardly and that I was ready for life throwing anything at me.

With love and an attitude of gratitude,

Ashley xx

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