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#10daysof2020 Reason 7- I discovered amazing sources of inspiration & personal development

Last January, during my application process at Emirates, I made a priority to maintain a high state of confidence and motivation at all times. I wanted to get to the next level. I typed : how to be confident for an interview on YouTube, hoping something interesting would come up. I stumbled on a self-confidence video by Leoor Alexandra.

My first discovery, Leeor, is simply amazing and has a unique style. She nearly has 400 000 subscribers and mainly focuses on happiness, well-being and the law of attraction. Her channel is filled with great vibes, positivity and valuable advice. She provides powerful positive affirmations and approaches life with a mindset that eradicates negativity.

A few weeks after, I brought up the physical activity subject during a phone conversation. I was dissatisfied with my workouts and felt like switching things up. I felt like I could use the help of a professional trainer. My friend told me about a Personal Trainer she had been following on YouTube: Sydney Cummins, who turned out to be another determining encounter for me.

This Certified Fitness Coach and Nutrition Specialist became my ally #1! Sydney is motivating, full of energy, positive and produces daily workouts for free. She offers a wide variety of trainings, creates powerful challenges, and delivers quality. No one is quite like her, always smiling, authentic, generous, and always adds her personal touch.

Finally, Vishen Lakhiani, was introduced to me during an add, thanks to the algorithms on YouTube. Vishen is the founder of a personal growth and learning experiences company, he also is the author of ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’. I got curious about the method he was talking about and clicked the link. I then, entered into the universe of Mindvalley.

I bought the audio version of his book two months ago, what a G-E-M, it is a powerful tool, that I believe everyone should read. I started exploring his ideas and listening to the Mindvalley podcasts and I’ve learned from every single episode. This innovative company is growing in popularity and I suggest you check it out.

I had to introduce those great sources of motivation & support to my #10daysof2020 series since they truly have made a difference for me this year. They appeared in my life, exactly when I needed them to. I choose to let them inspire me and I am thankful for what they are providing to the world. Let’s see if they become a thing for you too!

Thanks to these 3 exceptional individuals for adding value to my days. Thank you, 2020.

With love and gratitude,

Ashley xx

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