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#10daysof2020 Reason 4- I became financially smart

Up until 2020, I had been a master at the art of making money disappear, in other words, I was a BIG-TIME spender. Spontaneously spending pretty much all of my earnings, maxing out credit cards and struggling to pay my bills. I was not happy with myself but couldn’t help it, too little thinking, too much doing.

I initiated a huge lifestyle shift in 2015 and decided to put myself first in every way. That mind set made me become the type of girl who would deal with & overcome any personal dissatisfactions in order to move on and be satisfied with my life. Money had to be my next target.

A specific event made me realize it was time to take action and change my money situation. In December of 2019, I got invited to a special 40th birthday event, a 007, Casino Royale-Style party. Ladies were required to present themselves in fine evening gowns. I did not take that request lightly. I spent 400$ on a dress! Yes, I did…

The following January I found myself unable to buy a kitchen table for my new apartment. I told my colleagues that I wanted to invite them over for house-warming party but had no table to eat on. I’ll always remember what my boss responded to my statement, she said: "why don’t we eat on your 400$ dress". Ouch. That really hurt. Feeling like a princess for one night was not worth all the shame I felt then, but thanks to that comment, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.

Result: I spent money once more, but this time on a budgeting book, which I read, but for some reason, didn’t click with me; at least the motion had been initiated. Not too long after, I met someone who got me into the money-literacy world. Thanks to that person, I made a bookworm of myself and began my money education. The Richest Man of Babylonia, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, among many other amazing books contributed to a huge perspective change.

In 2020, I decided to pay myself first, to take a step into my financial health. Funny fact, my best friend sent me a money transfer last week and forced me to treat myself, she said: you became too reasonable! Wow! Former Ashley would have never thought such words could be spoken. As this comment reflects, my money education is still ongoing and doing well. I am now, financially aware, proud of myself, and choosing wisdom over spontaneity.

A special thanks for that determining encounter, and then again, thank you 2020.

With love & hope,

Ashley xx

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