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The Idea Market

A chance to sneak a peek into my mind!

Welcome to The Idea Market! I am your host Ashley, and this blog is an invitation to browse through my thoughts! I am an optimistic, driven girl who loves to share & exchange about the philosophies of life! In the spirit of creating a connection, I am pleased to invite you into my ideas' market.

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The Invitation

Life is an accumulation of experiences which have the potential of teaching us a great deal if we are up for it. 2021 was a year in which...


Hearing the saying : “Practice makes perfect” has been bugging me for a little while now; I started wondering if whether or not It made...


“I am broke.”; “ I can’t afford this.”; “I won’t purchase this item.” I have heard myself pronounce these lines since March of 2020....

A dip within

It was the early evening; I had fixed a time at which I would arrive at my friend’s place. I got into my car, a bit tight on time; I...

Mom! Look at me!

Kids are often searching for their parents’ praise or approval. To a kid, a parent is the absolute truth, the ultimate wisdom, the only...

Talking Success

“The only definition of success a man should pursuit, is his very own.” I came up with this sentence, a few weeks ago, and it seems to...

Destination Unknown

Life has made me realize that for the most part, good actions, lead to good reactions, that goodwill is always rewarding, and that...

Life Compass

"Inner compass" Lately, a friend of mine and I explored the idea of owning a life-compass, a tool that would decide which turn we’d have...

Pre-loved Love

I believe love is a feeling that has a very personal meaning to every one of us. It is highly variable, can’t be measured nor can it be...

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